CMR 57

CMR 57 set out to be a complete redesign of its predecessor, CMR 39. Nearly every system was polished and integrated more efficiently, leading to a much lighter and competitive car. After a long year of work and for the first time in several years, CMR finished endurance at competition! Now with a fully functioning vehicle many more tests can be completed to collect data for future design iterations.





  •     Beautiful 4 piece carbon fiber body from female molds
  •     Professional PPG paint job – Carnegie Mellon Red
  •     Integrated taillight


  •     Tubular steel space frame
  •     Strength optimized using Ansys FEA
  •     Very-low center of gravity
  •     Jig mounted during construction for build accuracy
  •     Powder coated for corrosion resistance


  •     4 wheel independent suspension
  •     Double unequal length A-arm suspension links
  •     Pull rod actuated spring in front, push rod rear
  •     Adjustable ride height
  •     Adjustable shocks
  •     CNC machined uprights


  •     2006 Honda F4i
  •     Custom barrel throttle
  •     Custom CFD optimized carbon intake, conical air filter
  •     Custom muffler
  •     Engine Redline: 13500 rpm
  •     Max Power: 80hp


  •     Custom designed floating rotors
  •     Single rotor rear braking
  •     Custom CNC machined adjustable pedal assembly



Competition Results:

Design – 75th

Skid Pad – 56th

Autocross – 55th

Acceleration – 39th (4.659s)

Fuel Economy – 38th

Endurance – Completed

Overall – 41st out of 120

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