Weekend Testing

With CMR 67 completed and fully running, we’ve begun extensively testing, tuning, and driver training in the Morewood parking lot to maximize our performance. Today we actually had 67 and 57 driving simultaneously, one of the first time CMR has had two running cars in many years.

Check out some sweet action shots:

IMG_0995 DSC01865 DSC01864 DSC01839

CMR 67 Running!

After a week packed with team members in the garage finishing the car, CMR 67 now officially runs! Tonight the car underwent its first dynamic testing under its own power and has started with great success. All components have been functioning as intended, and with time still left to fine tune the engine, the team is very optimistic for a great Competition!

The carbon-fiber body has also now been sent to our friends at PPG for finishing and painting after a heroic effort by the CMR composites team. This new, sleek and lightened design will really make 67 turn heads in a little over two weeks.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos as testing continues.

IMG_0975IMG_0984 IMG_0968 IMG_0969IMG_0981  IMG_0982

Weekend Push

This weekend dozens of man-hours were poured into CMR 67 to finalize installation. The cooling system, intake, and exhaust have been completed to nearly finish powertrain, and all suspension links have been connected. With only a few minor additions needed, 67 could be racing within days.

DSC01834 DSC01837DSC01835

Almost There!

Several more major components have been installed onto CMR 67, pushing us ever closer toward beginning dynamic shake downs.

Clearly visible are our hubs and outboard brake rotors that have together saved several pounds over last year. Our sweet anti-roll bars, bellcranks/dampers, and 3D printed intake have also been fully manufactured.

IMG_0939 IMG_0942 DSC01821 DSC01816 DSC01824 DSC01820


With Competition little more than a month away, complete sub-assemblies have been pouring into the garage after final protective treatments. Check out our shiny exhaust tubes, the newly arrived anodized aluminum parts, and our colorful, innovative differential.

Along with ongoing body work, CMR has reached the stage of full implementation, with all systems working to piece their components together on the chassis so testing can begin.

IMG_0936 IMG_0935 IMG_0933 IMG_0934