Uprights Completed

After much CNCing all of the car’s uprights have now been completed! Several carbon fiber intake runners have also been finished while the body has begun its fiberglass layup process. Look for the frame to be powder coated in the next several days too.

Body Progress

Fabrication of the body mold is now fully underway, with the front nose plug nearly finished and several other sections also in development. The fuel tank and exhaust have also been welded to the chassis. Here are some pictures of the molds as they are being prepared along the various steps of the process:

Chassis Mounting

Much progress has been made this week towards building and attaching various systems to the chassis. Nearly every system has been mounted onto the frame, and appreciable progress has been made in welding the exhaust tubes together. Several body mold test pieces have also been built to ensure quality, while additional tabs and finished parts are being completed on a rolling basis. With the chassis nearing completion many more components are now scheduled to be installed, so the car will begin shaping up really soon.

Progress Update

This week a bunch of new components have been completed, including several A-arms, a rear upright, and the steering column mount. More parts are being made every day so look out for CMR 57 to see many developments in the coming weeks. Check out some pictures of the recent progress.