Crunch Time

With Hybrid Competition closing in, wiring has reached a never before seen level at CMR. Orange conduit surrounds the tractive system and the Charge Car Garage is humming non-stop until competition. Look out for us at Formula Hybrid starting on Monday!


IMG_3120 IMG_3131 IMG_3148 IMG_3112 IMG_3119


Today CMR hosted it first ever unveiling for our new electric vehicle. CMR 14e braved the rain in all but our battery packs to show off to the CMU community and new President Subra Suresh. He was very excited about the project and told us to go for the win!

Several all-nighters in the past week have pushed us extremely close to driving, with only a few more wires in the accumulator containers to run, along with attaching conduit for the Hybrid competition in 17 days.







Major Progress

The past two weeks have seen the majority of all mechanical systems get mounted to the chassis, including the motor supports and drivetrain.

We were also very excited to welcome our Formula Hybrid mentors: Nathalie, Zachary, and Scott from GM in our Garage. They had extremely helpful feedback and prepared us well for how Hybrid will operate.

All 6 deadlines in the past week (2 competitions worth) have been submitted as well, leaving CMR to focus on wiring and getting the wheels spinning.

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