New CMU President

Carnegie Mellon Racing was happy to welcome President Suresh at his Inauguration Celebration this past week by proudly displaying CMR 67 on campus. We look forward to working more with Dr. Suresh in our electric race car development this year and in the future.

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Chassis Underway

With the arrival of both our chassis and chassis jig this week, the CMR shop has livened up and our full-scale build season officially begins! Expect a speedy build with out Lincoln Electric trained welding team and custom jigging ready to go.

Thanks to our machinists, parts have been rolling off the mills this past week too, with many of our waterjet parts awaiting assembly already onto the chassis.

CMR sends a big thank you to our friends at Misumi and Cartesian for their support.

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Karting with the Team

Being the close-knit racing community we are at CMR, many on the team spent this nice, brisk Sunday morning improving driver skills and developing stronger bonds while karting at PittRace. Although less than 40 degrees outside, we filled the track with CMR drivers and had three great runs. Plus we were back with plenty of time to continue working on finalizing our new electric car’s design too!

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