Our Team

Carnegie Mellon Racing is made up of undergraduate students from a range of disciplines within CMU and the Engineering Department.  Each year students collaborate to design, build, and race a brand new Formula 1 style race car.  This year is the fourth in which CMR will build a 100% electric vehicle to compete in the electric competitions of the FSAE circuit.


2016-17’s Executive Board:

President:  Eric Reeder (ereeder@andrew.cmu.edu)

VP of Structures: Mark Cho

VP of Energetics: Bob Rudolph

Co-VP of Vehicle Dynamics: Matt Lee

Co-VP of Vehicle Dynamics: Bryant Backus

VP of Manufacturing: David Gronlund

VP of Finance: Tony Donatelli

VP of Race and Media Operations: Miles Smith



If you would like more information about CMR, feel free to contact the Executive Board at formula-sae@lists.andrew.cmu.edu

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