Operation Occupy the Machine Shop

With the semester coming to a close, the manufacturing stage has been in full swing for Carnegie Mellon Racing. We have been working non-stop on finalizing designs, ordering parts, and machining. Check out the awesome chassis that has developed in the garage as a result.

CNC work has also begun with suspension and diff components, while engine modifications are now being carried out to lighten our oil pan. Although we’ve had an aggressive timeline, everyone has been striving to meet our goals by winter break.

Shown here is the chassis and the diff, along with some sweet scale model testing being conducted by the fuel system team regarding baffle effectiveness.

Chassis is Forming

With our beautifully pre-cut tubes, the chassis has been growing very quickly down in the Formula Garage. Jigging has largely been set up and several major components are now welded. Check out some pictures of the progress, and look for much more to be completed in the next week.

4 A.M. in the Mech-E Cluster..?

It must be time for Critical Design Reviews.

Most systems are now entering their CDR phase in development, meaning the Mech-E cluster has become a very popular place on campus. Upcoming systems to be reviewed are shifter and body/aero, with suspension having been review last Friday.

Exciting Progress!

Exciting news this week! Thanks to our friends at Cartesian Tube Profiling, we just received a delivery of beautifully pre-cut steel tubes for our chassis. As of now welding has already begun, and the frame will begin shaping up in the next two weeks with great precision in the Formula Garage. With that manufacturing is full underway, as the welding jig is now assembled and people are stepping up for machining hours.

Designs are also being finalized, with Powertrain and Unsprung Mass having just completed critical design reviews this week. Overall it is an exciting period for the team, and we look forward to watching our ideas and hard work grow from this point forward.