Shiny Metal Objects

Check out these freshly CNCed Anti-roll Bar lever arms that were completed this week along with their weight saving-design. With only a few more items to produce CMR 67s suspension can begin final assembly.

Another project that has recently finished can be seen at the often neglected bottom of our engine. Instead of carrying around unnecessary oil weight, we have removed around an inch from the oil pan and welded a lighter aluminum plate higher up on the engine. This has led to a weight savings of over a pound not to mention to lower CG that has also be achieved.

Also pictured are exhaust tubes awaiting assembly and a muffler that is many pounds lighter than last year.

February Progress

With February creeping by, final touches are being made on the chassis and production has begun on many non-structural systems. Check out some of our guys finish welding the chassis, making lathe suspension components, and a mock-up dashboard for preliminary testing and driving feedback.

In other news,Our webcam tab is working again too! So feel free to check out the work going on in the garage.

Also happening are our ever-popular Mastercam parties, with many of us working hard to figure out the CNC and its corresponding program to manufacture more complex parts.

Welcome New Electric Car Members!

Carnegie Mellon Racing would like to welcome all the new and prospective ECE members who are interested in our upcoming Electric Race Car! It was great seeing you all at our meeting and info session.

To get a sense of how our organization works, feel free to scroll down through the postings and pictures of our progress. Another great resource will be the Wiki tab above, where you can find some general information on our car.

If you would like to learn more information, or missed putting your name on the list please contact and let us know. We look forward to working with you all.