CMR 67

IMG_1120CMR 67 iterates off the success of CMR 57, with nearly 50 pounds of excess material eliminated while improving overall vehicle performance. Refinements include an eccentric differential tightener, optimized cooling system, and stiffer suspension, which all combined to give CMR 67 the fastest vehicle lap in our Endurance heat at Michigan. Although a series of issues deriving from a blown head gasket prevented us from actually completing Endurance or Autocross, the successful student engineering involved was a milestone for CMR.




  •     Beautiful 4 piece carbon fiber body from female molds
  •     Professional PPG paint job – Carnegie Mellon Red, Exposed carbon racing stripe
  •     Custom carbon side panels


  •     Tubular steel space frame
  •     Strength optimized using Ansys FEA
  •     Very-low center of gravity
  •     Jig mounted during construction for build accuracy
  •     Powder coated for corrosion resistance


  •     4 wheel independent suspension
  •     Double unequal length A-arm suspension links
  •     Pull rod actuated spring in front, push rod rear
  •     Adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear
  •     Adjustable ride height
  •     CNC machined uprights


  •     Modified 2006 Honda F4i
  •     1st, 5th, and 6th gears removed, oil pan shortened
  •     Custom CFD optimized 3D printed, conical air filter
  •     Custom muffler
  •     Engine Redline: 13500 rpm
  •     Max Power: 80hp
  •     Custom designed radiator


  •     Custom designed floating rotors
  •     Single rotor rear braking
  •     Custom CNC machined adjustable pedal assembly

Competition Results:

Overall – 81st

Design – 60th

Business Presentation – 15th

Cost Event – 19th

Endurance – DNF

Skid Pad – DNA

Autocross – DNA

Acceleration – DNA

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