Battery Modules

CMR has been working the past two weeks assembling the high voltage battery modules. The packing straps and endplates are now on 3 of our 4 modules, and the accumulator containers are ready to go!

Suspension has also been finalized, with body work chugging along with their fiberglass layups. The next week will see a whole lot of wiring so stay tuned while CMR 14e gets Energized!

IMG_2891 IMG_2888 IMG_2879 IMG_2896 IMG_2895 IMG_2874

Move to Charge Car Garage

With Spring Break now here at CMU giving our team a much needed break from classes, CMR has stepped up with some major achievements.

This past week saw our entire suspension come together and allowed us to reach the rolling chassis stage. In an exciting process, 14e was rolled down Forbes avenue to the Charge Car garage where it will undergo all electronic work and testing.

Two battery modules have also been completed, meaning we are already halfway done with our accumulators without any major issues.

CMR also visited Sci-Tech Day to demonstrate 67 to middle school students. Many were happy to sit in a real race car and experience real engineering!

IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2807 IMG_2819 IMG_2821 IMG_2823