Winter Break Activities

Although the semester has now ended and most students have spread across the world, CMR continues to forge on. Everyone has been given their Winter Break assignments and will be keeping busy pushing the team forward, especially without classes to prevent us! This includes continuing ANSYS and ADAMS simulations, manufacturing, and organizing logistics for the upcoming semester.

Several students will even be returning to Pittsburgh early to work on CMR 14e uninterrupted and machine many components.

CMR wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season!

Stickers and Saw

To celebrate a long semester of work and Formula, the entire team was rewarded this week with custom printed team stickers to show CMR pride around campus. We will all take these and our winter assignments home to continue developing CMR 14e.

CMR also removed our old friction saw to make more room for our new race car, and to improve the shop overall. Although it was an adventure, our extremely in-shape team was able to maneuver the 800 lb device out of the shop.

photo 3 photo 2 IMG_2014 IMG_2030 IMG_2076


Team Progress

Last week we our team was happy to distribute the Official CMR 14e shirt to all members and University friends. We will be proudly wearing our gear throughout the year while we build our electric race car, and at both Lincoln and New Hampshire competitions.

In the meantime many waterjetted parts have been rolling in thanks to Atomatic Manufacturing Co., and we have enjoyed some beautiful Pittsburgh testing days with CMR 57 and 67.

We will be making a rolling chassis push from now until the semester ends, so look out for much more progress to come.

IMG_1922 small IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1898 IMG_1897