Design Stage

With a month of school now complete, CMR is approaching the peak of our design stage, with several design reviews scheduled weekly. Project leaders are very busy on new design elements like electric motor mounting, motor controller mounting, and the accumulator container, while previously proven designs like the chassis and unsprung mass are set to be ordered in the next week for an incredibly early completion.

Testing and driver training on CMR 57 has also been organized in the Morewood parking lot along with team building at PittRace Karting. We are happy to say our new members have been extremely helpful in every aspect of the team, and have already begun machining the traditional rotor buttons. Look out for much more exciting action coming soon!



CMR Microryza Page

Carnegie Mellon Racing now has a Microryza Project Page! Microryza is a crowdfunding website designed to support research projects exactly like our electric vehicle design and build. We are hoping to raise $7,500 through the site to purchase an additional motor controller and motor so we can continue developing our electric powertrain.

Please visit our page here: and help us achieve our goal!

Beginning of Year Activities

Now that we are several weeks into school CMR is in full swing! After much recruiting, tabling, and introduction, we have many new members who are getting involved in all areas around the team.

Thanks to dozens of man-hours cleaning, organizing, and removing almost 1500 pounds of scrap metal from the Garage, we now have a much more open and productive space. Even with our new milling machine courtesy of the Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop, we still have plenty of room which is being put to great use by our new members making minor repairs to CMR 57 and 67 so testing can begin.

Design reviews have also already begun, and our team has fully entered the design stage, so we are excited to watch our car grow in CAD.

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