Check out the frosty powdercoated chassis that has just returned to the garage. CMR has reached a new level of sophistication with our shiny white tubes.

Now that all welding is officially completed, full-steamed assembly can begin with the engine already in place. Also shown are our professionally manufactured uprights and a brake pedal undergoing corrosion resistance treatment.

Tab Central

In the past week it appears as if the chassis has been budding tabs, a sure sign than the chassis nears completion. Newly visible are our triangulated steering column supports and an anti-intrusion plate.

Also notable is the wide open space in the garage after some spring cleaning of old equipment. So much more room for race cars!

Body Work

Many hours are currently being poured into development of CMR 67’s hot body. Check out the body plugs and one finished portion to give you a taste of how the final product will look.

Spring Break Status

With Spring Break now letting CMU students get their well-needed rest, the Formula team pushes on. We will have a group working all throughout next week to put our car together for an early completion date.

Recent developments include the beginning stages of body and composite layup work, which have already begun taking over the garage. Completed anti-roll bars, pedal mounts, and a lightweight aluminum radiator shroud can also be seen.

Website Updates

Michigan is approaching! Check out CMR’s newly added Countdown to Michigan on the page’s right-hand side. With only about two months until Competition, this countdown will serve as a constant reminder to us that the clock is ticking and we need to keep pushing forward.

Also an important addition – on the top menu bar a section has been created titled “Calendar” that will link to CMR’s team schedule. All important meetings, events, and various team activities will be posted there, so if you’re looking to get involved or want to see what we’re up to, then visit the Calendar page for more info.