Competition Wrap-Up

Today the team returned to Pittsburgh from Michigan International Speedway to celebrate our accomplishment this year. All events were completed and executed with barely any issues, demonstrating a remarkable improvement in the quality of our design. The breakdown of our placing is as follows:

Skid Pad – 56th

Autocross – 55th

Acceleration – 39th (4.659s)

Completed Endurance

Total – 41st out of 120

The design judges also provided their essential feedback on how to improve the car and presentation for next year. Their main concerns were dropping weight and having a more complete analysis to present during judging, which will certainly be addressed in future plans.

Ultimately this year marked a turning point for Carnegie Mellon Racing, as we have now established ourselves as a cohesive and competitive team with our 33rd percentile finish, the second best in team history . Upcoming years can look to iteratively improve on our design and break into the highest echelon of Formula racing. Of course this success was only made possible by our dedicated and generous sponsors, alumni, advisors, and team; we thank you all for your support. Look for more great racing next year!



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