Tabs and Snowball Enduro

CMR has entered the final tabbing phase before the chassis is sent out for powdercoating this week. Brand new high-voltage wire routing tabs can be seen, along with the huge high-voltage disconnect switch required by the rules.

A sweet driver training corner has been set up for taking breaks in the Garage too, keeping us sharp during these cold winter months.

Although this digital training might be enough for most teams, CMR stepped up this year by attending PittRace’s first Snowball Enduro. With sub-20 degree temperatures and an ice-covered karting track, CMR raced many other teams in a slipping and sliding filled competition. We scored a Second Place trophy, which is not bad considering 2 of our 3 teams broke their karts mid-race.

IMG_2562 IMG_2568 IMG_2567IMG_2532IMG_2538IMG_2557

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