Competition Day 2

A successful second day of Competition has now been completed, with CMR 57 passing all three tech inspections (tech, tilt, brake) on the earliest finish day possible. The preliminary inspection was accepted on the first try with minimal negative feedback from the judges, while tilt, brake, and egress all went smoothly. Although our car was originally running a few decibels over the allowed limit during noise testing, a quick patch to the muffler allowed us to clear. We could then scrub our tires and prepare for dynamic events taking place on Friday.

In addition, the car underwent design judging today, in which the team presented and defended the engineering choices made concerning nearly every aspect of the car. Supplemented with several posters, the system leaders made a solid impression on the judges in a much improved demonstration.

Also accomplished today were the cost report and business presentations. Great work to all who helped make these well-written and delivered components of Competition that earned us significantly more points than last year.

Here are some pictures of the events:



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